Spring Mini Rollerball Necklace Series – Green Moonstone on Flower of – Ascent Style


Less is more!

This Black Leaf themed sterling silver necklace is one of the models of the Spring series. The Spring Series is our first series of rollerball necklaces that are made from cast sterling silver. Noticeable differences compared to our hand made series is a deeper pattern groove. An advantage of casted silver is that it allows complicated shapes to be made accurately and economically.

This necklace consists of a Black Leaf pattern design with a hanging Black Sunstone bead and a facing Gold Sheen Obsidian gemstone. A work of art to house your favorite oils.

Sunstone is a radiant healer and balancer. This crystal clears and cleanses all energy centers bringing full restoration to the soul. The crystal is especially effective in its use in the solar plexus energy center having to do with motivation, action, will, and security. Sunstone is a happy crystal empowering courage and positive vibes for all.

Obsidian is extremely beneficial in clearing and grounding. It brings wisdom and protection, and aids in learning with ease and grace. Obsidian helps in defeating self-sabotage type patterns. This is also great for colon, irritable bowel, gastroenteritis, male sexuality issues, and nausea.

Product Description:

Pendant material: 925 sterling silver
Pendant height: 57mm
Pendant width: 16mm
Pendant weight: 20 gram (including 1ml glass bottle)

Each of our unique rollerball necklaces comes with:

  • Three empty 1ml stainless steel roller ball glass bottles of different colors.
  • A 27″ (70cm) sterling silver necklace chain. (Adjustable to 50cm/60cm)
  • An aluminum key tool (bottle opener).
  • A silver polishing cloth.
  • A bag of natural quartz crystal mini stones enough to fill a 1 ml bottle.
  • All our rollerball necklaces in this series are unique and one of a kind.

* Essential oils & crystal diamonds (pictured) not included.
* Compatible with perfumes.
* All items are settled in US$

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